You are a citizen of the fair city of Tenebria, lied in the ancient woods of the south-easternmost region of Asuryl. You have lived here from birth.
Tenebria is ran with an iron, or indeed often magical fist by the Elder Council, a council composed of the heads of the fifty greatest noble houses. The day-to-day life in the city looks calm at first sight, but a lot of underworld scheming goes on and street fights are no uncommon sight either. However both these disruptions of the local peace have been taken with a grain of salt because every citizen knows the underworld’s hand stretches very, very far.

FLUFF RESTRICTIONS : All PCs are born and raised in Tenebria.
SPECIAL FEATURES : One player is a member of Tukara, the 50th greatest noble family, but not the head.

The Shadow Horn

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